Tuesday, 8 May 2018

The best holiday

In the holiday my two brothers and I went to the pools to celebrate my cousins birthday. 

Lots of cousins and my aunties went to say happy birthday to her. Before we went in to the pools we paid for our swim and after we paid we got dressed into our togs. Then we walked to the outside pools. 

When we finished playing we went into the inside pool and we ate loss of birthday cake it was so colourful. We ate pizza, K.F.C, Mac Donald's, B.K and Fish & Chips. We drunk Coca Cola, Fanta and Raspberry drink.

I felt happy because we got to eat lots of food. I was also sad because we had to leave.


  1. I enjoyed reading your story Myrie and the food that you ate was really yum and I wish I could eat all of that food right now.